About Us

What Makes us Different

Everyone offers a funeral; very few offers service. Our service just happens to be above and beyond the ordinary. Our families have come to expect from perfection from us, and for good reason.

We satisfy special requests with a reverence and precision rarely seen today. Expectations are not only met, they’re anticipated. Whatever it takes to make your experience with us outstanding, consider it our privilege to fulfill.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a funeral home . Eric V. Wray II has taken pride in providing exceptional service and beautifully  appointed facilities. Our caring and professional staff will also go to great lengths to assist your family in creating a personalized and unique  service for your loved one.

We feel that it is very important when choosing your family funeral home that you consider the information below. These are just some of the ways thatset our funeral home apart from others in our area.